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The Future of Video Games is Now

Baseball fans that are gamers are looking forward to the new video game coming out. MLB 16 The Show is supposed to be released in March. I think it is amazing how much video games have advanced since Pong. Anyone who is older than a few decades should remember it. You had two rotary controls and a white square went back and forth across the screen. It was a video game version of ping pong. Then companies built on that by doing a version of bowling. The ball and pins were squares. Squash was a one player game. Color was then added, and then we had better, but still rudimentary, shapes for shooting games such as Asteroids.

Scrolling backgrounds allowed for the creation of games such as Super Mario, but when graphics began to really advance, then gaming took on a whole new form of realism. I am wondering how far it will go. It would be really cool to be able to play in a room where the gaming objects appear in 3D space. They are working on versions of this, but of course they would be commercially cost prohibitive at the present time. However, that used to be true of the processors and memory needed for today's games. As the technology advances, we may be all have "game rooms" on our homes and apartments that make very literal use of the term.

It would not take much to paint walls with a special paint to enhance projection of gaming to give a surround experience. Just imagine the accessory options games could sell. Things such as realistic steering wheels or flight yokes and controls. First-person shooter games would take on a whole new meaning. Holographic projections or a combination of projections and visors could make games even more immersive. Add in a scent generator and games would even get cooler. For now, we can just look forward to the release of MLB 16 The Show.

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