A Handyman’s Job is Never Done

My family is no stranger to hard work. When I was younger, I watched my parents sacrifice for our family. My father worked as a handyman and a tax specialist. He worked very hard to keep everything functioning for his employers. If there was a broken air conditioner, a leaky pipe, or a clogged sink, my father was on it. My mother also worked odd jobs to make ends meet for our family. Today, I am the superintendent of an condo that I own. When there is a problem, I put on my work boots and get to work.

I own a condo in the Atlanta area. I rent out the apartments to my tenants. They pay me rent and make sure that the property is well-kept. I am very skilled with my hands and can fix just about anything. I work very hard to maintain my building. My tenants contact me by cell phone and tell me their problems. I make sure to fix them promptly and with a smile.

Yesterday, I thought I had some free time for myself, but I was wrong. I had a slew of complaints from of my tenants. A lot of them had things they wanted me to do for them immediately. I had to go to work.

First, I had to help Ms. Kim. She told me that she had problems with her kitchen sink. She told me that it was clogged and the water drained slowly. I unscrewed the drain trap to see what the problem was. I noticed there was a large collection of grease and large particles of food. She must have poured grease down her drain. I used some drain cleaner to loosen the clog. After fifteen minutes, the clog was gone. Ms. Kim was pleased. I could not celebrate because I still had more work to do.

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