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You Just Can’t Do Everything by Yourself

It is really easy to take home maintenance for granted. I sure did. I moved into a home that was in great shape, and then I underestimated how quickly it would start needing repairs. Before I knew it, I was in over my head because I let too many things slide for far too long. One thing I underestimated was painting, so I ended up getting house painters in Brisbane to do the work for me. I realized just how much work it was, far too late.

Because I do not spend much time outside of my house, I really did not care at first what the outside of my home looks like. I spend most of my time indoors, and I was at first worried about things needing attention inside instead. But by doing this, I ignored the fact that my roof would need a lot of help, and that later ended up causing trouble for the inside of my home. And I let the painting go outside as well, and that cost me money with buying materials to re-do the siding on my home.

I really enjoyed working on the little home improvement projects that I was working on inside the house. But then, there were so many of them, that it was eating up all of my free time. It found that it took several weekends just to paint one room because of all the prep worker you have to do, then the painting, then the clean up work afterward. Then, I would take a break from painting and work on something else in the house during each weekend. The months were slipping by really fast.

When I saw that my roof was leaking and rain water was getting into my house, I knew I was in trouble. The roofer pointed out that I also needed to get my house painted because my wood siding was rotting. I stopped then doing everything myself and got real help.

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Fall of the Flying Pests

The spring weather is causing all of the creepy crawly insects to come out. They've been laying dormant in the winter, but now that the sun is heating up the Earth, they've begun setting up their homes and looking for food. There are a lot of wasps in my area and they've always had a bad habit of trying to build a nest on my home. In just a short amount of time, they can start a nest ball. Usually I spray the nest in the morning, but this year, I called for Eastern suburbs pest control to get rid of these pests once and for all.

When the wasps came before, I would react to them as they did things, but this time, I took a more proactive approach. Rather than waiting for them to start building, I had the pest control company put something around my home to prevent the wasps from even setting foot on my home. There is always something that can repel a pest so that it won't come to a certain area. A lot of this exists in nature, but there are also ways to do this with man made chemicals, which the pest control people have.

The pest control company sprayed all around the areas where the wasps usually start building. When the wasps come near my home, they turn around instantly and fly away. Some of them are bold enough to try landing on my home, but they usually don't live for very long. I've prevented the wasps from coming to my home, but now they've probably figured out a way to make a home on someone else's home. I would really like to know what animals eat wasps, because we could use some of them in the neighborhood. I'd even prefer bees over wasps.

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A Handyman’s Job is Never Done

My family is no stranger to hard work. When I was younger, I watched my parents sacrifice for our family. My father worked as a handyman and a tax specialist. He worked very hard to keep everything functioning for his employers. If there was a broken air conditioner, a leaky pipe, or a clogged sink, my father was on it. My mother also worked odd jobs to make ends meet for our family. Today, I am the superintendent of an condo that I own. When there is a problem, I put on my work boots and get to work.

I own a condo in the Atlanta area. I rent out the apartments to my tenants. They pay me rent and make sure that the property is well-kept. I am very skilled with my hands and can fix just about anything. I work very hard to maintain my building. My tenants contact me by cell phone and tell me their problems. I make sure to fix them promptly and with a smile.

Yesterday, I thought I had some free time for myself, but I was wrong. I had a slew of complaints from of my tenants. A lot of them had things they wanted me to do for them immediately. I had to go to work.

First, I had to help Ms. Kim. She told me that she had problems with her kitchen sink. She told me that it was clogged and the water drained slowly. I unscrewed the drain trap to see what the problem was. I noticed there was a large collection of grease and large particles of food. She must have poured grease down her drain. I used some drain cleaner to loosen the clog. After fifteen minutes, the clog was gone. Ms. Kim was pleased. I could not celebrate because I still had more work to do.

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Creating the Best Transcription Product

Finding a great transcription company is highly dependent on how they're hiring their employees and what software they provide them with or if they're contracting out freelancers to do the work. I see nothing with either but for more demanding transcription services which require creating a contextual narrative and unique identifying markers to organize the data within, it's generally a more a favorable experience to hire from a company with an in house staff that has a standardized software they're familiar with. This way you'll be given a uniform product in return with no variations in how they organize the data. Of course, this also means that hiring an experienced freelancer can allow for some flexibility if any changes need to be made during the course of the project itself. Attempt to stop the entire work flow of a company with dozens of employees working on a single project can be difficult, causing confusion and lost revenue. Contract workers are far more forgiving.

I've been working in the industry for a little over ten years now as a freelancer. While I do not devote myself to a single piece of software for all my clients, I find that having a diverse selection of software capable of handling any sort of transcription service that might be necessary. In order to provide the highest quality service I have to spend a portion of any given week looking for new software or plugins that can improve the ease of understanding the data that I'm given. Whether that means increasing the audio quality of a file that I've been given or automated software capable of translating those hard to understand accents, I try to provide the best work that their money can buy. It's not always perfect but transcription is rarely 100% with difficult audio files.

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A New Dad is a Reacting Dadbot

Having a new baby is an exercise of stamina and coping capability. I'm not a father myself but my brother has two children and it's always surprised me that he didn't lose his sanity in the process of raising them from babies to the ten year olds that they are now. It's like having two completely different children - babies are their own species, if you ask me. The first thing that I bought them was a video baby monitor after I visited him for a week and witnessed how often he would run into their room at the slightest of noises. He'd bolt right out of bed and dash down the hall as if the entire house was on fire or someone was in their room preparing to snatch them. He'd be dragging through the next day like a dead man but still somehow capable of doing the dad thing with his newborns.

At that point, it's like he was on automatic. We would sit in the mornings sipping our coffee and I'd be chatting away with him looking glazed offering up half nods in responses even long after I had stopped talking. One morning after seeing him in such a state is when I made the decision to get him the baby monitor. They were out so I hooked it up as a surprise, even e-mailing him the app that he would be able to use to watch them if the babysitter was there. The relief on his face when he saw what I had given him was accompanied by the welling of tears; not joy, but relief. He couldn't explain why he hadn't though of it myself but I knew why; there's no time to think of luxury items when you're a new dad. There's no thinking at all, it seems.

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The Future of Video Games is Now

Baseball fans that are gamers are looking forward to the new video game coming out. MLB 16 The Show is supposed to be released in March. I think it is amazing how much video games have advanced since Pong. Anyone who is older than a few decades should remember it. You had two rotary controls and a white square went back and forth across the screen. It was a video game version of ping pong. Then companies built on that by doing a version of bowling. The ball and pins were squares. Squash was a one player game. Color was then added, and then we had better, but still rudimentary, shapes for shooting games such as Asteroids.

Scrolling backgrounds allowed for the creation of games such as Super Mario, but when graphics began to really advance, then gaming took on a whole new form of realism. I am wondering how far it will go. It would be really cool to be able to play in a room where the gaming objects appear in 3D space. They are working on versions of this, but of course they would be commercially cost prohibitive at the present time. However, that used to be true of the processors and memory needed for today's games. As the technology advances, we may be all have "game rooms" on our homes and apartments that make very literal use of the term.

It would not take much to paint walls with a special paint to enhance projection of gaming to give a surround experience. Just imagine the accessory options games could sell. Things such as realistic steering wheels or flight yokes and controls. First-person shooter games would take on a whole new meaning. Holographic projections or a combination of projections and visors could make games even more immersive. Add in a scent generator and games would even get cooler. For now, we can just look forward to the release of MLB 16 The Show.

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