New Garage and New Stone-Look Concrete Driveway

We built a detached garage. We did a lot of the work on our own to be able to afford it. We had the slab poured and the framing put up by pros, and we put the sheathing, siding and shingles on ourselves. My wife and I also wired the garage for electricity. It passed inspection, so we must have done it right! The last thing was to have the driveway finished. We had gravel down for about three years, and now we were finally getting a driveway done by a concrete contractor in Nassau County, NY who does those driveways that look like they are made of stone. The coloring and the way they make it look like joints between actual pieces of stone looks so real. It really makes for a fancy driveway or patio that improves the curb appeal of a house.

The sidewalk on our property was also redone in the stone look. It had large slate slabs for a sidewalk that were in various condition from okay to poor. It was an eyesore and a liability risk. I used to cringe when seeing an older person walking on our sidewalk using a cane. I was so afraid of someone getting hurt. However, we had to wait to budget our exterior renovations. Now our home looks great inside and out. I am amazed at how the new driveway and sidewalk improves the look of our home from the outside. The tan and brown colors put into the concrete to make it look like stone really contrasts well with the white siding above the brick of our home.

It is amazing what they can do with concrete nowadays. And the work is made to last. This driveway and sidewalk will far outlast one made of real stone pavers. It does not have joints to fill with weeds or cause displaced stones over time. It is made of solid slabs.

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