Our Daughter Has a Strong Bond with the Horse We Bought Her

Our daughter has been interested in horses since seeing them on television and in picture books before she could read. Over time her room and stuff she collected became all about horses. She was ecstatic for her first pony ride, and it was not long before we were getting her horse riding lessons. I remember her having a struggle just getting her foot high enough to get it in the stirrup of the saddle. She would step up on a little ladder to do it. Now she is an expert rider with her portrait wearing equine competition wear hanging on the wall of the office of the lady who owns the stables where we keep our daughter’s horse.

We ended up buying the horse she used to ride every weekend. They developed such a bond, and that horse has watched our little girl grow into the fine young woman she is today. They are a team out there on the course riding together. They both had to learn as the horse was just one of the calm ones that the public would ride. She was a rental horse and not a competition horse. However, they worked together and have won several riding competitions together. Everyone tried to talk her out of buying that horse, but they are friends.

Our daughter looks regal in her equine competition wear, and her horse knows the clothes mean serious competition day on the course. When she shows up at the stable in jeans and a tee shirt, the horse knows it is a day to relax and have fun. I never thought that horses had so much personality. This one is actually protective of our little girl. I trust that big beast to keep her safe when they are out riding the wooded trails. It is like having a guard dog that weighs over a thousand pounds!

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