The Heat is Upon Us

Last week it was pretty hot outside, and summer hasn’t even arrived yet. I turned on the air conditioner, and it wasn’t working properly. I couldn’t keep my air conditioner on for more than a few minutes before it would shut off. I opened the windows and turned on the fan to keep the house cool, while looking for AC repair in NYC. Every other year, something in my house stops working. Last year the refrigerator stopped and the year before that, the dryer stopped working. I guess everything is just getting old, but this is ridiculous.

Upon inspection, the repairman determined that the cause of the malfunction in the air conditioner was a blown capacitor. He had a replacement in his truck and put it in place of the old one. It was a metal cylinder about the size of a can of soda. If I knew something about engineering, I would probably be able to fix my own appliances, but sadly I don’t. I cranked up the air conditioner to full blast and sat in my recliner while the cool air touched my skin. It was like sitting in a meat locker while eating an ice cream sundae.

Just to make sure nothing else goes wrong with the air conditioner, I changed the filters and put new batteries in the thermostat. The filters get dirty after repeated use, so they have to be changed to prevent dust from clogging up the system. The batteries give the thermostat power so it can tell the air conditioner what to do. In older homes that don’t have a digital thermostat, the thermostat uses a dial to control the temperature. My uncle had one of those, and it didn’t require any extra power to use. He never bothered to get a more modern thermostat.

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